How to leverage social media – Mindshark Marketing reveals

Mindshark Marketing StrategyBy now you know that social media have become like home for a lot of people, they are the first thing checked on in the morning and also the last thing updated before going to bed, which could be well after midnight. This sort of addiction to social media found across all age groups can be used to market products and services as far as any client requires. Mindshark Marketing’s social media specialists have been testing out strategies since the company’s inception and are now able to bring in hundreds of leads with the least of allowed social media budgets.

Here are some of the methods used across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Facebook

  • This is a huge pool of potential clients, the best ads are those targeted at the right audience. A lot of restrictions protect leads information from collection, making landing pages from fan pages the way to go. Groups have been proving useful in getting conversations around a service, with a brand in the center, all group member are clients, they just haven’t announced it yet Mindshark Marketing knows.

  • Twitter

  • This platform has post length limitations but sparks conversations with deeper thought and intent than Facebook. Tweets with media get more attention than simple text strings. It is possible to reach a paid audience through Twitter, which is common with huge brands working with Mindshark Marketing, successfully.

  • LinkedIn

  • This is a professional themed social media platform. This platform allows for in depth posts, long form to reach other people interested in a brand and their line of products. Making for a strong platform to experiment with content inbound marketing. This is also a platform to connect with other brands and watch how they are running for analysis and self-perfection reasons.

  • Instagram

  • This platform has a huge millennium audience. The focus is images, short videos and hashtags. Creating viral images and branding them is one sure way of getting potential clients talking about them. From this point, landing pages optimized to act just as a spider web does to a fly finish the deal. Maintaining a cool brand and frequent updates of content that not necessarily sells products grows connections Mindshark Marketing has had clients followed by millions of interested profiles.

  • Pinterest

  • This board based platform has a visual approach to marketing that Mindshark Marketing knows best to take advantage of. The ability to run business pages on Pinterest can get a client some valuable feedback and deep connections between followers and their products. It is also possible to display prices of products and have buyers directed to sales landing pages.

    A lot of the features that come with social media have a right time and audience to do them at and for. Taking the time and effort to test out strategies is a good way of setting a standard that gets the best results all the time. The beauty of social media is that someone is always online to see your advertisement campaigns.

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