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When the profession of marketing began, sending emails out to unexpecting potential clients was not even considered a possibility of the future. Back then, billboards and print media were pretty much as advanced as a company could go, and darn it did work! Just as calls broke the sales records when people started telemarketing. The future of marketing, in the mind of all members at Mindshark Marketing, lies in the betterment of techniques classified as inbound marketing methods.

The past methods, outbound, were more concerned about pushing sales pitches out to potential clients. this , as mentioned above, worked – a lot. We looked at the environment in which the audience being called was living in and figured out why it was effective.

There was no constant source of information – information was periodically available through newspapers and the radio.
The options to products were limited – localized competition meant that local companies could do their own marketing and succeed.

These two reasons, when reversed, are strong enough to turn the world upside down. Here is how Mindshark Marketing figures;

Information overload – users no longer need to be called with product information as they probably already know a lot about everything they want. If they don’t have enough information, they have access to the internet, and no caller agent has the same knowledge capacity as this option.(unless they are searching the internet as they chat with the potential client)
Competition – options to buy from are now beyond the town in which a person lives. The entire world is competing for the same customers. This makes calling overseas to make a sale pointless. More cost effective methods had to be created, and the internet responded with content marketing and search engine optimization together with social media optimization.

The future of the marketing industry

A lot of innovations along the accessibility of information across devices will be a huge leap forward in all aspects. Firstly, it would mean more devices and sets of eyes can access advertisement campaigns. The chances that you meet with a willing buyer after having your ad seen by billions of internet users increases as compared to having it seen by just a handful of people. Mindshark Marketing is aware of all the changes that are most likely to revolutionize the world of advertising and will translate the benefits to their clients. New applications will bring more useful information from the advertisements sent out and cause more perfect efforts.

It will be possible to target each potential client only with things they are likely to buy and not take chances. The data stored online about everyone will make this very effective and budgets to market should go down.

Advertising has already found it’s way into games and applications, which means entertainment and marketing will blend better and give companies exposure to millions of attentive eyes with each advertisement. Endorsements will also be big marketing areas as brands associate with recognizable sporting talents and musicians to get their fans behind the brands’ products as well.

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